Father and Son Graduate Together From Phillips Community College

We need tell more stories like this. I excerpt below Marla Riddell's story from the Helena Daily World.  

In 2008, Emanuel Reed, Sr. was working with his sons on their homework, when his youngest son asked, "Dad, why didn’t you go to college?"

”I made up my mind that night that I was going, come fall of 2009,” said Reed, Sr. 

Reed, Jr., was 13 when his dad started college. His father could only go part-time, usually enrolling in a class or two at night each semester, due to his day-time employment.

”I started seven years before Emanuel, Jr., graduated high school, and although I wanted to get finished early, seeing my son join in, catch up with me, and walk across the stage together, made it worth the wait,” Reed, Sr., said. Father and son graduated together in May 2017.